Sunday, December 26, 2010



i wish i have one happy family.
i wish i had a great family ever.
i wish i can proud to have all my family when i have problem.
i wish there will be a miracle that can give happiness 2 our family.
i wish that someone can help me facing all those thing.
i wish that we will forget all the thing that happen last 4 years.
i wish that our family will be same as before.

i really really wish that the miracle things happen.
dear ALLAH, please make me stronger. im begging u.
i have 2 be strong for my family n for myself. :(

*sometimes aq terfikir, adakah kami x layak utk terima kebahagiaan.
adakah kami akan cmni selame lamenye??
ouhh sangat2 down skrang ini. :(
terase ingin putarkan mase semula. huhu

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